Brethren of the Space Coast Pirate Crew
Brethren of the Space Coast

Ahoy, me hearties! Brethren of the Space Coast was founded in 2007 in Brevard County, Florida.  Our pirate crew participates in parades, charity fund raisers, community events, Renaissance festivals, pirate festivals and parties. For all those who are pirates at heart, The Brethren is home ported on the Space Coast of Florida, although our crew members hail from all over the world.

If you would like to invite our pirate crew to participate in a local Florida Space Coast event that you are hosting, please contact us at


If you would like to become a member of our crew--no matter where you live--check out what it means to be a pirate and ask to join our Facebook Group


A Pirate’s Life for Us!

Salty Dog and Co-Founder:

Commodore CrackerJaack Corbett

Crew Commodores:

Commodore Rosalie the Red Outlaw & Commodore Cranky, the Outlaw Pirates

Crew Captain:

“Thee Purple Pyrate” Captain Snapper Trapper Jack McIntyre, Troy Grey Ghosthawk Johnson

Crew Officers:

Quartermaster Chad “Captain Silver Beard” Cook

Yeoman “Pirate Lizzie” Kimber Maietta

Pusser Mark “Switchblade Sut” Sutton

Saling Master Chaundale “Bia Fox” Cook

Navigator Sher “Sweet Pea Sherry” Latour

Helmsman Bella Pitts

Ship’s Surgeon “Thibadeaux LaRoux” Gregory Atkins

Gunner Steve “Tribal Jack” Ham

Cooper Eight Pound Eric Russell


Brethren of the Space Coast

  -  “Brethren” includes Pirates from everywhere; ye don't have to live here.

  -  “Space Coast” is our homeport, on Sand Point Isle; Thee gateway to Space

Do you want to become a pirate?

We accept any who wish to join the crew, either as a active member or as a member at large. Please join us, swap sea stories, yer skills and have fun.  Start by following our FB Page to see where our upcoming events will be so you can get to know us.  See you soon, matey!

PIRATE CODE of the CREWS of the PIRATE NATION:  You can be a member of multiple pirate crews. We are all part of the Pirate Nation. Like RUM, different crews have different flavors. We are pirates... all of us sail the seas from ship to ship, wherever the current adventure leads us. One of the great things about the fun filled world of pirating is that no pirate is limited to the number of crews they can join, the number of events they can attend or the number of costume items they can pack into their trunk.

The pirate world is a wide and wonderful place

Pirate Associations:

Crews of the Pirate Nation


The Brethren of the Space Coast will be found invading events all over the Sunshine State. If you would like to find out what pirate events are going on in the area, visit our public Facebook Page: