Brethren of the Space Coast Pirate Crew
2018 Pirate Parade & Pirate Stage in 
Panama Pearl’s Pirate Encampment at the 
2018 Space Coast Seafood & Music Festival in Viera, FL

Pirates, Mermaids, Buried Treasure and Swashbuckling Fun For All

Create your own costume and become a pirate for the day!

All landlubbers, young and old, families, individuals and friends are invited to join the Brethren of the Space Coast pirate fleet, the Crew of the Panama Pearl, The Privateers of Palm Coast, Thee Leviathan, and even Jack Sparrow for the day. Dress in your own pirate garb and join the fun. All people in pirate costumes may join the parade at 1 pm on Saturday, which will start and finish at the Pirate Encampment.  Click HERE to download a Pirate Parade Registration Form for complete details on how you can join the parade and receive a complimentary Code Rum Pirate Punch Cocktail.

Power Monkey Treasure Hunt for Children

All young ones are invited to join the Powder Monkey Treasure Hunt in the pirate encampment on Saturday at 11 AM.  This activity is FREE to all children 14 and under thanks to sponsorship by Outlaw Pottery in Cocoa. ( Children will join The Brethren of the Space Coast on a hunt for hidden treasure, which they will need to capture from a band of bad pirates before taking the treasure chest back to Panama Pearl’s Pirate Ship and sharing in the loot!

Because man lives by more than seafood alone, the festival features an international beer and wine pavilion, an arts and crafts show, a children’s activity zone, carnival rides and games of skill and special events such as the Pirates’ Parade and Party,” when several pirate krewes, including the Brethren of the Space Coast Pirates’ Krewe, strut their stuff.

Swashbuckle with your shipmates in Panama Pearl’s Pirate Encampment!

Panama Pearl, the most beautiful and mysterious pirate captain of all, invites all swashbucklers to her vast pirate encampment in the eastern regions of the festival. Two broad pirate ships have run aground there, where pirates, young and old, may enter the ships and explore their decks. Panama Pearl herself will sit and tell tales of the sea adventures of her and her fellow pirates. Cannons will reign down foam cannon ball wars during the fun times at the encampment.

Meet Jack Sparrow and a real mermaid!

Pirate sword fighting demos, musical shanty groups, roaming pirate troubadours, pirate belly dancers and even a pirate balloon artist make for “aargh-mazing” entertainment. Jack Sparrow will be roaming the festival and encampment, recruiting new pirates   – and you can even meet a real mermaid in her tank -all inside the Pirate encampment. Don’t miss the entrancing Kristal Mize and her Hips of Destruction pirate belly dancers as they captivate the onlookers with their wondrous moves.

Join the Pirate Parade!

All pirate crews, rogue pirates, pirate families of all ages, and scalawags who are new to pirating are invited to dress in full pirate garb and participate in the Pirate Parade & Party on Saturday.  Pirates who want to march (errrr... stagger) in the parade need to register by February 10, 2018.  The registration form can be downloaded at and emailed to Brethren of the Space Coast Crew Yeoman Lizzie (instructions are on the form).  Directly after the parade, registered pirates 21 or older will receive a drink ticket to redeem a free full-size Code Rum Pirate Punch cocktail courtesy of Space Coast Daily and sponsor Code Rum.

The Pirate Parade will take place at 1 pm on Saturday, where hundreds of costumed pirates will parade through the festival. After the parade, the pirates party hearty, with samplings from Code Rum, the festival’s official rum.


  1. 10 AM:  Black Powder Demonstration.  BOOM!  Start the festival off with a bang with a live cannon fire demonstration.

  2. 10:15-11 AM:  The Renegades play on The Pirate Stage

  3. 11 AM:  Powder Monkey Treasure Hunt.  Free to all kids.  Sponsored by Outlaw Pottery and facilitated by The Brethren of the Space Coast pirate fleet.

  4. 11:15 AM - 12 PM:  The Kindred Kilts play on The Pirate Stage

  5. 12 PM:  Brethren of the Space Coast New Crew Member Inductions and Group Photo (at Panama Pearl’s Pirate Ship)

  6. 1 PM:  Pirate Parade Begins at Panama Pearl's Pirate Encampment

  7. 1:30-2:15 PM:  Bob Lusk plays on The Pirate Stage

  8. 1:30ish PM:  Yeoman Pirate Lizzie and Evil KillEmAll will hand out free Code Rum drink tickets at Brethren of the Space Coast booth in the pirate encampment

  9. 2 PM:  Meet a Real Mermaid & Have Your Photo Taken with Her

  10. 2:30 - 3:15 PM:  Hips of Destruction belly dancers perform on The Pirate Stage

  11. 3:15 PM:  Cannon Fight between Pirate Ships.  The Panama Pearl versus The Pearl’s Revenge.  Which ship will win?

  12. 3:30 PM:  Meet Jack Sparrow & Have Your Photo Taken with Him

  13. 3:30-4:15 PM:  The Renegades play on The Pirate Stage

  14. 4:15 PM:  Meet Kosh, the Pirate Parrot & Have Your Photo Taken with Him and his Pirate, Red Legs Greaves. Donations go to M.A.R.S. (Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary)

  15. 4:30 - 5:30 PM:  Kindred Kilts play on The Pirate Stage and end our day with a Pirate Sing-Along and Toasts

Sunday Schedule to include performances on the Pirate Stage by The Kindred Kilts, Hips of Destruction and The Renegades and entertainment for kids and adults at Panama Pearl’s Pirate Encampment.


New Crew Member  Induction Ceremony

at the 2018 Seafood & Music Fest

Avast, me hearties! The Brethren of the Space Coast New Member Induction will be held... at Noon on Feb 17 at the Seafood Fest at Panama Pearl’s Pirate Ship.

If you would like to join the Brethren of the Space Coast Crew, email your Crew Commodores Rosalie the Red and Commodore Cranky at and say, "I want to join your crew! My pirate name is _________."  And tell us a little about your self and why you would like to be part of our fleet.